Smartrr App changelog
Smartrr App changelog

Gorgias Integration, New Help Page


✨ New


— Gorgias Integration: Take advantage of our 2.0 Gorgias integration, making it easy for you to manage your customers’ subscriptions natively within Gorgias tickets.
— Subscription Minimums / Maximums: Vendors now have the ability to set minimum and maximum orders that can be made per subscription plan.
— New 🛎️ Help Page: We’ve updated the help page within the app to be your one-stop shop for all help resources, support requests, and new product announcements.

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💎 Improvements


— Added Product Name to Swapped Subscription Events: When a customer swaps a product in a subscription the change is now reflected in both the customer’s account portal and the admin subscription events timeline.
— Search Bar Update: We’ve cleaned up the search bar on a number of pages to look uniform with the rest of our app’s interface.

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🪲 Fixes


— Inventory Bug: Products for which inventory is not tracked in Shopify are now available for selection in Subscription Programs and don’t lead to a blank page.
— Filtering: Fixed parameters in our paginated queries so that filter after/filter before requests can be used in conjunction with each other.
— Loading Speed: We’ve introduced a new refactoring system that will help reduce any in-app performance slowness. Speedier days ahead!