Smartrr App changelog
Smartrr App changelog

Automated Billing, Prepaid Subscriptions & More


✨ New


Automated Billing: You’ll now be billed automatically through Shopify. You can now choose between Launch, Grow, or Excel on the account page.
Prepaid Subscriptions: We now offer prepaid subscriptions features! To learn how to create a prepaid subscription program for your customers, reach out to your CSM.
Event History: Within details for each subscription, you can now see a full timeline of associated events made by both you and your customers, including frequency changes, skips, gifts, cancellations, add-ons, and more. For a full list of recorded events, see our help article.

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💎 Improvements


Navigation: In addition to new iconography, some elements in the navigation have been renamed to be more initiative for use:

  • Bills ⟶ Transactions
  • Product Selling Plans ⟶ Subscription Programs
  • Billing Settings ⟶ Transaction Settings
  • Customer Experience ⟶ Help

You’ll also notice that Discounts has been removed from the navigation as discount codes for subscriptions are always available to edit natively within your Shopify admin.
Customer Experience: Our interface for configuring email and SMS notifications has been redesigned to be more intuitive. Clear “ON/OFF'' toggles make it easier to see what Smartrr notifications are active. Meanwhile, our variable reference key for emails has been moved to its own designed tab.

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🪲 Fixes


Date Changes: Within the Admin Portal, changing the date of a subscription to the 1st of the month now sets it to the first of the expected month instead of the previous month.


🔮 Upcoming


Setup: Interested in Smartrr but don’t have access to a developer? Installing Smartrr on Shopify 2.0’s free themes (Dawn, Craft, Crave, and Sense) will soon be fully automated. Lookout for a one-click install on our in-app Setup page soon. Have a custom theme? We offer full onboarding support on our Grow and Excel plan tiers.

Questions about any of our new features, improvements, or fixes? Email us at