Smartrr App changelog
Smartrr App changelog

Even Better Than Before: Klaviyo


✨ New


— 📩 Klaviyo Integration: On the heels of Shopify’s announcement to invest in a strategic partnership with ESP platform Klaviyo, we’re happy to announce we’ve revamped our integration to include more triggers and data to be used as dynamic tags in your flows.

Screen Shot 2022-08-10 at 11.20.29 AM.png

Within each event trigger, you can now see a better-detailed breakdown of subscription-related information, including: subscription frequency, items within subscription, next order date, subscription shipping address, subscription discounts, and more. All this information is available to be pulled as dynamic tags in your Klaviyo emails.

Screen Shot 2022-08-10 at 11.16.04 AM.png

Our full list of Klaviyo triggers includes: Subscription created, Subscription upcoming order, Subscription send now, Transaction successful, Transaction attempt failed, Subscription skipped, Subscription unskipped, Subscription gifted, Subscription next order date change, Subscription canceled, and Subscription activated. To read more about these triggers, view our help doc.

Screen Shot 2022-08-10 at 11.46.06 AM.png

For Smartrr clients currently using our Klaviyo integration, the old triggers will still continue to fire (in addition to new triggers) so as not to disrupt any of your existing flow. However, if you’d like to receive only the new metrics moving forward, you can force update your Klaviyo integration by going into Integrations in your Smartrr admin and disconnecting and reconnecting your integration by reentering your Klaviyo public API key.

For any questions, please contact your Customer Success Manager or email

Coming soon...


🔮 Upcoming


Launching Q3 2022! Get a sneak peek here.


— Modern Account Portal: Designed to empower your customers, Smartrr’s new Account Portal has been re-designed from the bottom up to be cleaner, more initiative, and to serve as a proper brand “hub” for your most loyal customers. We’ve removed all unnecessary friction and now display at the forefront the actions and information your customers care about most.

With the Modern Account Portal, Smartrr is able to support both your one-time and recurring business in a plethora of ways—going above and beyond subscriptions to offer comprehensive order history, in addition to reward opportunities, easy referrals, reviews, and more.

Coming soon 👀

New: Better Insight to Cancellations


✨ New


— Retention: For brands on our 📈 Grow and 💎 Excel plans, you’ll now see a Retention tab in your navigation. This feature allows you to gain insight on why customers cancel their subscriptions. Add up to eight reasons to display in your customers’ account portal alongside a text field for your customers to provide more information.

Screen Shot 2022-06-29 at 2.41.53 PM.png


🔮 Upcoming


— Retention V2: Expect even more improvements to our new Retention feature coming soon, including “retention actions” which will suggest alternatives to cancellation and “retention discounts” which can be used to encourage customers to retain their recurring orders.

Webhooks, Twilio Update


✨ New


— Webhooks: Brands now have the ability to send Smartrr webhooks to specific URLs within Smartrr’s UI. This feature is now available under the Integrations tab. Tip—use incoming webhooks in conjunction with Slack to set up custom notifications for your store.

Screen Shot 2022-06-13 at 4.19.19 PM.png


🪲 Fixes


— Twilio Integration: We’ve identified and resolved an issue that prevented some new merchants from authorizing their Twilio account within Smartrr. 📲

New! Out of Stock Feature


✨ New


— ❌ OOS Behaviors: You can now define custom rules around subscription behaviors based on your Shopify inventory settings. Elect to 1) always create an order when an item is out of stock, or 2) automatically pause your customers’ subscriptions. You can find these settings in Subscription Programs > Global Settings. You can also customize a corresponding email notification in Customer Notifications > Item out of stock.

Smartrr Changelog – 10.jpg

Smartrr Changelog – 9.jpg

Updating and Refreshing Pages


✨ New


— Customer Notifications: We’ve refreshed the Customer Notifications page to be easier to use and navigate by adding 💡Tips and the ability to 🔻Quick Jump from the sidebar. Our Variable keys have also been reorganized for effortless integration into your emails. Don’t know where to start with dynamic variables? Check out our help doc article where we also provide email templates to get you started!

— Help Page CSM Block: In addition to refreshing the look of the Help page, we’ve also made it more helpful with the addition of a CSM contact block. For vendors on our Grow & Excel plans, you’ll be able to view who your Client Success Manager is, and directly contact them from within the app 💌

Changelog _ CSM Block.jpg

— Transaction Settings: Last but not least, Transaction Settings has also been updated to look uniform with the rest of our app’s interface ✨


💎 Improvements


— Customer Portal Swap Speed: Swapping or adding new products to upcoming orders is now faster within the Customer Account page⚡️


🪲 Fixes


— Product with Discount Code Bug: Products that have individual discount codes applied to them can now be removed from subscriptions without an error message appearing.

A new, fresh setup and theming experience


✨ New


If you logged into Smartrr today, you might notice something different. We’re excited to announce overhauls to two of our most important features: Setup and Theming.

Smartrr Help Docs – 5.6.22.jpg

— Setup: Get up and running with Smartrr in as little as two minutes. If you’re new to Smartrr, and you’re using one of Shopify’s 2.0 starter themes—like Dawn—we’ve made adding subscription offerings to your shop a breeze. Fly through setting up a Subscription Program, selecting eligible products, installing Smartrr, and browsing all our configuration options to polish and optimize your subscription business. (2).gif

— Theming: No more guesswork 🎨. We’ve added live-preview capabilities to Theming configurations for your customers’ account portals. Still need that extra level of customization? We still offer custom CSS overrides—see the full list here. (1).gif

Need help? We have answers.


✨ New


— New Help Documentation: We’ve overhauled our help docs to be easier to navigate and have included even more helpful resources for you. Check it out here.

Smartrr Changelog – 8.jpg


💎 Improvements


— Shipping Calculations: Shipping profile prices now dynamically update when a customer changes the items in their subscription after the initial order.
— Deleted Variants: Discontinued a product? Subscriptions with deleted products or variants can now be modified.

Introducing Advanced Analytics


📯 Announcement


We are thrilled to announce the launch of Smartrr’s Advanced Analytics dashboard powered by Looker!

Looker Analytics Annoucement Changelog Smartrr- 1.jpg

We know subscriptions are a core part of your business model understand the importance of being able to fuel important business decisions with data. The Advanced Analytics dashboard gives you the subscription-specific insights needed to back up these decisions. We encourage you to take a tour of the Advanced Analytics dashboard where you will see new metrics such as:

  • Active Subscribers
  • Canceled Subscribers
  • New Subscribers
  • Subscribers Vs. One-Time Purchasers
  • Order Count by Product Variant
  • + more data points crucial for your subscription retention strategy.

Advanced Analytics is available on Smartrr’s Grow plan and above. Should you have any questions, please feel free to visit or reach out directly to your customer success manager.

+BCC Feature, Standalone Mode


✨ New


— Add a BCC to Email Notifications: Merchants can now include BCC email address in your customer notification emails.

BCC Changelog.jpg

— Webhook for Payment Updates: Want to be notified whenever a customer updates the payment method associated with their subscription? We’ve added a new webhook to support this call.


💎 Improvements


— Customer Notifications Update: Toggling a customer email notification OFF no longer hides the body content of the notification.
— Standalone Mode: We think you deserve a little more space. By default, Smartrr will now open in standalone mode when selected from your app list in the Shopify admin.

Standalone Mode – Smartrr.gif