Smartrr App changelog
Smartrr App changelog

Build for Community: Introducing Trending Lists, Instagram Feeds + Attentive


✨ New


— Trending Lists: A brand new upsell feature that can be used to promote between 1-4 products in your Customer Account Portal. Our suggestion? Try out trending lists to surface influencer & creator picks or highlight specific BFCM deals:

Trending Lists - Twitter.png

Trending lists are available for 💎 Excel brands. Learn how to set up trending lists here.

— Instagram Feeds: You can now quickly embed your brand’s Instagram feed in your Customer Account Portal:

Instagram Feed - Twitter.png

Instagram feeds are available for both 📈Grow and 💎 Excel brands. Learn how to set up an Instagram feed here.

— Attentive SMS Integration: We're happy to announce a brand new native integration with Attentive:

Attentive - Twitter.png

Brands using Attentive for their SMS marketing can now use Smartrr's integration to set up SMS journeys with a variety of triggers. Click here to learn more about the integration.

Screenshot 2022-11-23 at 13.59.01.png


💎 Improvements


— Customer Details: See an overview of your Smartrr customers’ details including lifetime spend and orders as a subscriber, in addition to updating loyalty point balances and adding birthday details. Accessible via Customers > View Customer details.

Screenshot 2022-11-23 at 13.29.13.png

New & Improved Retention Actions


✨ New


— Smart Retention Actions: Go one step further with your retention toolkit and assign alternative actions to all your customer cancellations reasons.

Retention - Twitter.png


  • "Product is too expensive?" > Prompt customer to Swap or offer a one-time Discount on their next order as an alternative to cancelling
  • "I need it sooner" > Prompt customer to Frequency Update as an alternative to cancelling

Screenshot 2022-11-15 at 10.31.48 AM.png

Brands will also now be able to reorder how reasons appear in the survey list when customers attempt to cancel from their Customer Account Portal.

Desktop - Cancel (Discount).png

Finally, brands can see a full breakdown of Cancellation attempts by customer and Cancellation reason summary, or quickly export all data to CSV.

Screenshot 2022-11-15 at 10.41.59 AM.png

Screenshot 2022-11-15 at 10.42.11 AM.png

Introducing Loyalty Rewards & Referrals, Translation Overrides


✨ New


— Loyalty: We’re excited to announce our new native Smartrr loyalty rewards and referral programs for brands on our Excel plan. Both features were built with subscriptions in mind to reward your most consistent customers and increase retention. These features can be used either separately or together.

Loyalty - Twitter.png

  • Rewards: Points can be earned for every dollar spent on either one-time or subscription purchases in addition to successful referrals. Bonus points can be earned for every Xth subscription order. Point values and loyalty program names are fully customizable by each brand.

Referrals - Twitter.png

  • Referrals: From their account portal, customers can easily copy and share a discount code with friends for use towards their first subscription purchase. The customer is rewarded with loyalty points for each successful referral.

Screen Shot 2022-10-24 at 11.42.46 AM.png

Learn more about how to set up Loyalty here.

— Translation Overrides: Override any copy in your shop’s Customer Account Portal with our new Translations feature. Whether you want to translate fully (with 1-click to Spanish or French) or change the tone of only a few words in the customer portal, brands on our Grow and Excel plans can now configure this under Theming > Translations.

Translations - Twitter.png

Screenshot 2022-10-31 at 11.57.34 AM.png

❌ Out of Stock Alert Banner


✨ New


— OOS Banner: In addition to email notifications, customers will now be alerted when an item in one of their subscriptions is out of stock at the top of their Account Portal. Customers are provided with the option to swap for a new item in their subscription to keep their recurring deliveries uninterrupted.

Screen Shot 2022-10-20 at 9.30.39 AM.png

Screen Shot 2022-10-20 at 9.43.48 AM.png


💎 Improvements


— Integrations Page: Explore all our robust Integrations on a newly revamped Integrations page, including Klaviyo, Gorgias, Postscript, & more.

Screen Shot 2022-10-20 at 9.22.24 AM.png

Bundle Builder, Subscription Tabs, & Gorgias Update


✨ New


3 - Twitter.png

— Bundle Builder: Bundles are now available to merchants on our 💎 Excel plan. You can offer "build-a-box" style subscriptions for your customers by allowing them to curate their own assortment of recurring products. Bonus: Using Smartrr’s Bundle Builder with line item capability means you can properly account for your bundled subscription SKUs in analytics and post-sale inventory reporting!


💎 Improvements


— Account Portal: The Subscriptions section of your Customer Account Portal is now split with tabs to help differentiate from “Next Order” and “Subscriptions”.

Screen Shot 2022-10-03 at 3.34.32 PM.png

— Gorgias: Our Gorgias integration has been revamped to include more helpful information and actions about your customers’ subscriptions within the Gorgias ticket view. Learn more here.

Marketing Banner


✨ New


Announcing an exclusive holiday promotion for your subscribers? 🎁💥 Perhaps introducing a new product or free shipping? 📢📦

We're introducing Marketing Banners to your customer's account portal! Brands can now easily notify subscribers with customized marketing banners conveniently placed for optimal views.

26 - LinkedIn.jpg

Customizable Account Portal Functionality


✨ New


Subscribers have too much product? No need for them to cancel! Give them the ability to skip their next order- or even better, gift it to a friend!

Without any code required, merchants can easily select exactly which subscription management features they want to offer their customers including Gift, Send Now and Skip. We've seen the more autonomy brands give their customers the stronger their relationship.

12 - Newsletter.jpg

Reduce Failed Payment Churn 💳


✨ New


5 - Twitter.png

— Expired Credit Card Notifications: We’re introducing Conditional Emails to your Upcoming Orders email in Customer Notifications. When turned on, we’ll send a Payment expiration notice email in place of the usual upcoming order email if the customer’s credit card scheduled to be used for their next upcoming order is set to expire.


— Modern Customer Portal: Our much anticipated Modern Account Portal is now available for all existing brands who wish to migrate from our legacy account portal. Interested in a white-glove change-over? Email your CSM for more details.


💎 Improvements


— Navigation Update: Shipping, Transaction Settings, Customer Notification, and Retention are now nested as children under the parent tab Subscription Programs. Customers, Orders, and Transactions are now nested as children under the parent tab Subscriptions.

Navigation Update.png

— Subscription Plan IDs: You can now easily view and copy plan IDs from your Subscription Program.

Selling Plan ID.png



✨ New


Postscript Integration: Our new and improved Postscript integration offers even more personalization. Use triggers to create custom automations and edit your SMS messages to include custom text (including dynamic variables) and wait periods.

Screen Shot 2022-08-17 at 3.44.14 PM.png

To read more about these updates, you can view our help doc or email


🔮 Upcoming


Modern Customer Portal: Our next release will include our new and improved customer account portal. All critical customer actions are accessible from a single tab to remove friction for your customers.

Even Better Than Before: Klaviyo


✨ New


— 📩 Klaviyo Integration: On the heels of Shopify’s announcement to invest in a strategic partnership with ESP platform Klaviyo, we’re happy to announce we’ve revamped our integration to include more triggers and data to be used as dynamic tags in your flows.

Screen Shot 2022-08-10 at 11.20.29 AM.png

Within each event trigger, you can now see a better-detailed breakdown of subscription-related information, including: subscription frequency, items within subscription, next order date, subscription shipping address, subscription discounts, and more. All this information is available to be pulled as dynamic tags in your Klaviyo emails.

Screen Shot 2022-08-10 at 11.16.04 AM.png

Our full list of Klaviyo triggers includes: Subscription created, Subscription upcoming order, Subscription send now, Transaction successful, Transaction attempt failed, Subscription skipped, Subscription unskipped, Subscription gifted, Subscription next order date change, Subscription canceled, and Subscription activated. To read more about these triggers, view our help doc.

Screen Shot 2022-08-10 at 11.46.06 AM.png

For Smartrr clients currently using our Klaviyo integration, the old triggers will still continue to fire (in addition to new triggers) so as not to disrupt any of your existing flow. However, if you’d like to receive only the new metrics moving forward, you can force update your Klaviyo integration by going into Integrations in your Smartrr admin and disconnecting and reconnecting your integration by reentering your Klaviyo public API key.

For any questions, please contact your Customer Success Manager or email